Precious Metal Market Update – 09 February 20

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Dear Readers – As a result of some significant, recent business wins amongst the Kilo Capital portfolio of companies (Kilo Fund Management, Kilo Futures and Precious Yield), we are making a few adjustments.  Going forward I will disseminate my precious metal market thoughts entirely via Twitter at @CIORobPerry.  This decision is intended to free up internal resources so that they can be directed towards deploying our recent capital raise into precious metal financing opportunities.  The objective of Kilo Capital and its portfolio of companies remains the same – we continue in our quest to be the leading provider of precious metal financing and trading services to US based businesses. 

As part of that quest, we believe that Precious Yield remains both an innovative and a powerful tool for long term gold, silver, and PGM investors.  Why innovative? Because 1) the ability to earn a yield on gold has historically been reserved for a select few and 2) the gold yield is negative in most other holding forms outside of Precious Yield.  This includes paying for storage of physical metal whether investor-owned or via a physically -backed storage program or paying management fees for GLD or similar ETFs.  Please see our white paper for a more thorough discussion of these alternatives. Going forward, Precious Yield remains open to professional and institutional investors with a minimum $250,000 precious metals investment. 

In conclusion, thank you for your support as we enter this latest exciting growth phase for the company.  Our trading desk remains open to answer any new account queries you may have and we look forward to seeing you on Twitter! 


Rob Perry


About the Author


Rob Perry is an avid student of the markets and an aspiring tennis player.  He is currently Chief Strategist for Precious Yield as well as Chief Investment Officer of Pecan, a single-family office based in San Diego, CA.  Most recently, he was located in New York City working as Chief Strategist of and a Portfolio Manager for Kingsland Capital, a multi-billion dollar boutique asset management firm focused on below-investment grade corporate credit. Twitter: @CIORobPerry




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