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Why Precious Yield?

The highest returns for long term holders of precious metals

Precious Yield is the leading investment product to offer a yield on gold, silver and platinum. If you’re a long term holder of precious metal, it’s time your portfolio started working for you.

It’s quick and easy to buy an ETF in your brokerage account. It’s exciting to buy and hold a new gold coin hoping for numismatic gains. These alternatives have a place, but it’s not as a core long term holding. Why? The management fees, vault storage costs, and insurance premiums really diminish the value of your long term precious metal investments.

Welcome to the Precious Yield account. Instead of watching your portfolio get eaten away by costs, you earn a yield on your physical precious metal investment. This difference really adds up.

Backed by 100% real physical metal

Instead of holding coins or bars and leaving them to sit unproductively on a shelf, your Precious Yield metal is held in various forms and locations. The pool of metals is held in a variety of forms including coins, jewelry, metal in process at metal refineries, and balances at bullion banks.

Redeem for bars or coins

At maturity of your Precious Yield term, or for metal in your account that isn’t locked in for a term, you can request physical delivery of the coins or bars you want. Reasonable product premiums and shipping charges apply.

Low bid/ask spreads

Buy or sell gold, silver, or platinum at near wholesale rates. Your trading costs are substantially lower than alternatives like coins and bars or many vaulting services.

Expert support and service

Our team of metals experts come from some of the largest physical precious metal trading and financing businesses in the industry. If you have a question or specific requirement, give us a call. We are here to help you build your precious metal portfolio.

How Precious Yield Works


Build your Precious Yield portfolio

Open and fund your Precious Yield account. Purchase ounces of gold, silver or platinum at near wholesale spreads. Alternatively, fund your account with coins or bars you already own.

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Put your portfolio on deposit

Choose between call or term deposits of various maturities. Earn higher yields the longer you lock in your metal with us.

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We hold your ounces in various physical forms and locations

Metal backing all Precious Yield deposits is held at companies that are the backbone of the precious metal industry. Coins, jewelry, metal at refineries and fabricators, and loco London balances at bullion banks are just a few examples of the physical forms of metal held.

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We return your ounces with a yield

At the maturity of your deposit we return the ounces to your call account along with your yield. You can use your yield to buy more metal, or have us send it to you. Request physical delivery of your ounces, sell, or lock it in for another term and earn more yield.

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Live Metal Prices

Precious Yield is not a bank. There is no FDIC insurance on the Precious Yield account.

Precious Yield does not offer investment advice. Buying and selling decisions in your Precious Yield account are executed on your instructions.

Precious metal prices can be volatile, and can go both higher and lower.

Mission & Promise

Precious Yield is a subsidiary of Kilo Capital.  The Kilo Capital leadership team has decades of experience in bullion banking, physical metal trading, asset management, and credit risk analysis. Our team has managed multibillion dollar portfolios at credit focused asset managers, led teams at one of the largest global bullion banks, and run trading departments at one of the largest coin dealers in the world.

Our mission is to bring the bullion trading and financing expertise once reserved only for the largest corporations and institutional investors to all investors and mid-market businesses. We know the ability to earn a yield on precious metal investments is a massive improvement over paying away fees to hold your position. These tools have been enjoyed by large institutional investors for decades, and until now have been unavailable to individual investors and family offices.

We are excited to help you improve the performance of your precious metal investments.

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